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The Venus and Jessica Darwin

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Wardrobe by Jessica Darwin

Director/Editor by David Gallardo


Going Native

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I have to admit Avatar was one of the best movies I’ve seen visually in years.

I especially like Neytiri’s body paint when going into war. I’m not usually one

for liking anything earthy or native, but this really gets me in the mood.

The Small Things

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Zoetica Print

Finally received the Zoetica print I had someone start framing weeks ago.

I’m glad to see it on my wall! It’s beautiful.

Zoetica Ebb

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The fabulous Zoetica Ebb is many things: Cosmonomad, Paint Slinger, Internet Queen, Fashionista, Photo Assassin, and Model.


Yet, that’s just the surface. The woman is a flurry of activity and freakishly amazing artistic talent that she uses in her everyday.


She’s photographing naked ladies one minute for Suicidegirls, flying off to model in another, rushing to interview peeps/draw/edit/Etc. for Coilhouse Magazine, and then zooming off into the L.A. sunset to finish other varying projects.


All the while she’s documenting her travels and adventures with her trusty camera.



The woman is something to behold, and you can do just that at her website.