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The Venus and Jessica Darwin

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Wardrobe by Jessica Darwin

Director/Editor by David Gallardo


Going Native

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I have to admit Avatar was one of the best movies I’ve seen visually in years.

I especially like Neytiri’s body paint when going into war. I’m not usually one

for liking anything earthy or native, but this really gets me in the mood.

Ride You

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I have a slight obsession with boots, leather, and black. No surprise that I love this shoot.

Photographer: Emir Eralp

ZOOT Magazine

The Corpse Bride

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“The Corpse Bride” for Vogue Korea, by Zo Sun Hin

Koreans have some bitchin’ fashion sense.

All Is Black and White

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Well, after a very long unexpected absence…

Here are a few things I’m lusting after.

Evil Twin

Black Milk

Around Your Neck

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I have an obsession with neck coverings. Anything from scarves and neck corsets to ascots. There is something erotic and mysterious about a covered neck. I personally think a covered neck is just as sexy as a naked one.

Leaves Turning

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Two gorgeous men in fall garb.

Ty Ogunkoya And Dan Felton
photographed by Paul Maffi

OWN Magazine