Around Your Neck

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I have an obsession with neck coverings. Anything from scarves and neck corsets to ascots. There is something erotic and mysterious about a covered neck. I personally think a covered neck is just as sexy as a naked one.


The Small Things

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Zoetica Print

Finally received the Zoetica print I had someone start framing weeks ago.

I’m glad to see it on my wall! It’s beautiful.

Leaves Turning

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Two gorgeous men in fall garb.

Ty Ogunkoya And Dan Felton
photographed by Paul Maffi

OWN Magazine

Slate and Metal

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Gareth Pugh is a wardrobe assassin. Blowing my mind every time a piece of his is on the runway.

I’ve never once been disappointed by any article he drapes on those wonderfully alien-like models.

I’m also kind of a shoe slut, and those shoes are to die for!


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My friend just purchased these for me! I’ve been drooling over them for months. I have amazing friends.

JUMP Brash Boots

FHM Collections//Peter Wallin by Jens Schmidt

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So feeling the OAK shoes. Need. Want.